Humans Dwarfed by The Vastness of Mother Nature

The most beautiful and captivating sights anyone can behold are natural. They aren’t made by any of us but simply given to us as a gift from mother nature. Whilst there are many of us who heavily debate the rightful creator, we can at least agree on one thing, it’s magnificence is truly awe-inspiring.

Here’s a quote from a poem by William Wordsworth that goes well with these photos; “To her fair works did Nature link//The human soul that through me ran;//And much it grieved my heart to think//What man has made of man.”

On top of the world? – This photo taken by Canadian photographer Lizzy Gadd in Vancouver, Canada magnifies the vastness of the nature and our insignificance on a size scale in comparison to it.


Forests of Giants – This photo taken by Alex Wise almost puts you in hypnosis mode just from trying to see the very top of each tree. It may be a good picture but one would have to question the “wisdom”  of an individual who actually ends up in such a place.


It’s Time to Czech Out – This photo taken by Jan Machata leaves us with so many unanswered questions. Surely it’s another stunning capture but the share gloom and doom nature portrays a horror scene.


The Essence of Life – The beauty or mystery of nature does not always rely on vastness and isolation as this photography by Michael Matti shows. The calm received from standing out on the ocean front and being brushed by waves of water time and again is soothing beyond belief.


Extra steps or Extraterrestrial – If you’ve ever delve into Planetary Geology for even a minute or have been fascinated by the idea of other planets then you will experience a chill from this photo by Piotr Krzaczkowski. This is not exactly your ordinary walk and even more specific such vastness, solemnity and difference in landscape along with sky features cater to the thought of planetary exploration.


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