5 Inventions that Will Eventually Doom Humanity

CFCs, Lead gasoline, Alcohol, Gunpowder and even Tobacco are a few among the host of inventions that probably did (and in some cases are still ‘doing’) more harm than good but to err is human and it is only a matter of time before something new is invented that is the mother of all previous ‘bad’ inventions that plunges the world into cataclysmic times. Here are some inventions that might just do that.

No 5. Flame Drills

Jared Potter has recently developed a pair of flame drills that operate at temperatures of 3200 and 7200 degrees, respectively, which is hot enough to burn anything that comes its way. The ultra hot drills are capable of boring through the Earth’s crust without ever actually touching the rock itself which essentially eliminates the need for replacement drill bits, equipment maintenance and rock cooties.

Good enough an idea to revolutionize Geothermal Engineering but what this invention brings with it is a host of possible disaster like volcanic eruptions, searing magma, earthquakes and crustal instability. And since, there are a large number of variables involved when dealing with geotechnical and geothermal problems it might not be the safest idea to just drill through the earth right now.


No 4. Warp Drive

By manipulating extra dimensions with massive amounts of energy, two Baylor University physicists have discovered how a faster-than-light engine or a warp drive, could be created which essentially bends but does not break the laws of physics. This would make interstellar travel truly a reality rather than a thing for the movies. It would open up possibilities bordering of the realm of all imaginable.

The way this invention could kill off us all is through black holes; every time warp drive is invoked, a black hole is created. Thus a warp engine would work by creating a massive “bubble” of distorting energy behind the ship, but the energy output is so enormous that if it were to run out–like say, when you slow down, park or just run out of gas–the bubble would inevitably collapse on itself, thereby generating massive, sun-like temperatures before folding and creating a black hole. So, in a nut shell, people in the ship survive and everything in its wake is swallowed up.

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