IMEI number on iPhone

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, and this serial number you will find in every phone. Every phone ahs its own unique IMEI number which can helpful to you in case you lost your phone. You can watch this IMEI number on your iPhone by using these different methods.

  • First method to have IMEI number on your iPhone screen is to dial ‘*#06#’, and it will show you IMEI number on your phone screen. This code works on all other phones as well.
  • If above mentioned code does not work, you can use this method in iPhone to know IMEI number. Go to settings and tap on it to open, scroll down to general and tap on it. Now you will tap on about and scroll down to look IMEI number.
  • You can get iPhone IMEI number from iTunes, if you are connected to it. Select your iPhone from the iTunes menu, go to summary tab, and click on it to open. Now click on your phone number to reveal the IMEI number.

This IMEI number helps to find stolen phones, because it can show up the phone location and network.

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