New Gadget Pillow That Acts As Your Alarm Clock!

Your mom shouting at you to get up and you tightly tucking to your pillow. Sounds familiar? Well it does to me. But now that pillow wont be your snugly fried but the alarm itself! Yes my dear friends, I present to you the Alarm Pillow! This interesting new pillow looks like any other pillow but has a mechanism that makes it vibrate whenever the alarm has been set.

If you don’t get up, your head weight acts as a trigger for the snooze button. This seems like the new age alarm clock. What I like about this is that it wont disturb the other person, which all the other alarm clocks do. You just have to pull out the label that is visible at the side of the pillow to your desired hour and this pillow will make sure you don’t go on sleeping like a lazy old bum.

Plus the thing with this is that you cant break it! You are in trouble you sleepy heads out there, cause there is no way out of this. But ummm…ya you could just throw the pillow away. I wonder if it would still work then. But still a pretty cool pillow to have.


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