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Turn Your Phone’s Audio Jack Into a Customizable Button

Feel like there are not enough physical buttons on your phone? Now you can turn your phone’s 3.5mm headphone audio jack as a customizable button with an all new gadget – the ‘Pressy’

Pressy is a little button that’s exclusively made for Android phones. After plugging it into your phone’s headphone jack you can use this button to turn on/off flashlight, kill all running apps or even use it as camera’s shutter button. The best part is that Pressy can detect different kinds of presses which means you can set different actions for quick tap, long tap and double tap. The ‘Pressy’ project is at Kickstarter — raising funds to take this product to mass production. It has already raised over $456,000 – far more than its initial goal of $40,000 – so we can hope to see it coming to market soon. Take a look at the video below.









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