A Car Office for the Tech Savvy People

If you are tech geek and you want to have  mobile business station with you all the time then no doubt this car is made for YOU! A Mercedes benz S class car called Brabus iBusiness is loaded with bunch of iPads, iMacs and all the stuff Apple holds. This is an amazing car which is in other words could be, your mobile office. The fun doesn’t ends up here, your tech stuff can also be used to control different  options and gadgets of the car. Now if you are a techie with work related to internet, this is the dream office for you. The car is purely designed and shaped to carry all the essentials of a mobile business station, you will find docking stations, typing trays, headphone hangers and things like that. So now whether its too party or its too business this car is a perfect thing to take you to the next level. Take a look at the pictures and video below


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