The All New Gesture Controller “Leap” Will make You Forget Kinect

Previously three years ago Microsoft launched Kinect, which was undoubtedly the first product in the World to control the computer through gestures, and we all know that it was not only restricted to Xbox but it was also used widely in different fields. Even the next generation laptops started offering Kinect support in them. But now is the time when a competitor has shocked Microsoft, An all new San Francisco based startup, “Leap” is a new device that can control motions more effectively than a Kinect. Now you need not to drag your hands all around, you can do the task in a simple fashion just by moving your fingers and above all the sensitivity of this new device is mind boggling, we haven’t seen any such type of accurate and fast motion detector device till now.

So to set it up all you do is connect the Leap sensor to your computer via USB, after that it will start detecting the motions in upto 4 cubic feet of space. According to reports Leap motion is actually searching for developers who can create apps for them. The small sensor is priced to be $70 (not bad) but its being pre-ordered and it won’t be releasing before 2013. There is a video below in which you can see this device in action, you are able to perform almost every action starting from video, games, 3D modelling and much more. Sit back and enjoy the little introduction to Leap.


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