World’s First Super Bus Costs $10 million

The concept of super bus evolved in late nineties when Professor Wubbo Ockels from Delft University of Technology (Holland) along with his team thought to bring forth convenient spots for passenger travelling. According to him, the rail transport was slow and a person is bound to travel across stations, so he came up with an idea of super bus which could travel at super speed and off all, it should be luxurious as well.

So with this long term idea Mr. Wubbo started working with his team and worked for about 3 years to make world’s first super bus. After years of hard work what he brought out was a Lamborghini type super bus that was designed to travel at lightning speeds and it was eco-friendly at the same time. The bus can travel upto 250 km/h with a capacity of transportation of 23 people. Any ways this giant beast was purchased by an Arab’s Sheikh and he paid a total sum of $10 million along with the air transportation of vehicle to its destination (i.e Dubai). The super bus is supposed to travel both inside and outside of the city. It has a gigantic length of 49 ft, a width of 8 ft and a height of 5 ft 5 inches. The interior of this beauty is typically designed for a luxurious riding style. Below are the pictures and video, sit back and enjoy them:

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