A Gadget That Transform an Ordinary Bike into an e-Bike

Electric Bikes are a great transportation alternative for conventional bicycles generally in rural areas and to cars in rural areas. But for most of the people the four- and five-figure price tags are too high to spend on this type of transportation. This price tag is even much more for those who already have a pedal bicycle. The Japanese company Sunstar has put its effort to make electric bike cheaper and more practical. They launched a modular Virtus electric drive which can transform a regular bike into an e-bike. With this you can easily detaches it in minutes or we can say that it is giving you two bikes in one.

With the likes of Rubbee and Velospeeder are now in list of aftermarket e-bike add-ons. The integrated power option of Virtus is almost similar to permanently Electric Bike’s e-drives.

According to Sunstar the design of the Virtus is such that it can easily fit any conventional bike frame and can transform a standard bike into electric bike with a speed provision of 25 km/h.

Main Components of Virtus are:

Motor: 250 W, 55 Nm, DC brushless

Weight: 3.2 kg

Battery: 3 different types (36 V): rear rack (11 Ah, 400 Wh); down tube upload (11 Ah /400 Wh); down tube bottom (8 Ah / 300 Wh) – combined 700 Wh for maximum range


Sensor: Integrated torque, cadence, crank angle sensor and external speed sensor

LCD Interface: Five button backlight LCD screen, battery status indicator (6 levels), four setting modes; (accumulated) odometer, (average) speed, (riding) timer, calorie consumption, error code

Wireless Interface: wireless local area network ANT+ and Bluetooth Smartphone connectivity

Additional accessories: Motor Protection, Mud Guard, Spider

Images Courtesy: Sunstar

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