Man Brilliantly Proposes To His Girlfriend With A Customized Monopoly Board

monopoly proposal 1

Coming up with a flashy romantic gesture to please or impress the person that you are dating is something that takes some time to come up with. As we scour the internet everyday, on countless occasions we come across some brilliantly planned marriage proposal ideas. One of the most ridiculous ones that I’ve seen included a man who surprised his girlfriend with an epic in-flight singing proposal. This recent proposal idea by groom-to-be Justin Lebon may be one of the best.

monopoly proposal 4

In the most ingenious way, Lebon proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Michal Ott, on Christmas morning. Knowing that Michal is a big fan of Monopoly, Lebon set out to work with his buddy Mark Becker, a designer and craftsman. Using redwood that dated back to the early 1900s and graphic design skills, the pair built a fascinating custom board game set. The special core of the board however doesn’t lie in what it is made of but what it carries. Discreetly, Justin hid the engagement ring under the “Luxury Tax” space.

monopoly proposal 2

The customized board was personalized to reflect the young couple’s life together. The names on the spaces featured places that held sentimental value to the couple, such as the streets they each grew up on. Some of these places included their favourite locations and places that they both shared as their home.

monopoly proposal 3

While the board created an exquisite memory for his love, I’m pretty sure it will also serve as a valuable family item for years to come.

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