Misulu C24 — The Ultimate Music Keyboard For iPad

If you are an iPad user who loves to play and create music, the new Misulu C24 keyboard is just right thing you want. Installing music gears to tablets has never resulted in the same quality of music you desire for, In fact its always been bit of a problem while playing with them.  The new Misulu C24 will change the way you loved your ‘iPad’. That’s right! The new Misulu C24 it is a two octave wireless keyboard exclusively made for your iPad. With the thickness of only 10mm its magnetic nature allows it to act as cover for your iPad, instead of using traditional springs. The magic behind this keyboard is that it uses magnets to give more performance and reliability. Additionally there are two LED regions which have different functions, one of them allows user to shift the octave’s assignment and other one is for playing with analog expression. This keyboard hasn’t hit the mainstream of production yet, but we are looking forward to play with it!







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