You can get music off in iPad or iPhone

If you need to get music off of your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can do it by using some methods. You can transfer these files to other hardware as well, for example if you have bought music files from iTunes, you can transfer them. Here are some of the steps which you will follow

Backup for your Devices

As we know that most of the content is not included, while a backup of the different files has been created but with full content iTunes backs up most of your device’s settings. The iTunes allows you to manually have a back up or restore your iPhone or iPod. For that purpose you have to

How to Remotely Control Your PC with iPhone or iPod touch

Are you in search of an easy way that could remotely control your PC? Be happy! You have come to the right place today. iPhone and iPod touch gives you facility to control your PC remotely. This article will tell you how to get and use Logitech touch Mouse that works on Wi-Fi so you

Convert any video format with WinFF media convertor

Sometimes you wish to open a movie or video in your iPod but you come to know that you cannot open it because your media does not support this format and you feel too bad. If you are in search of media app that can convert any format then there is no as good option

How to backup your iTunes library and playlist

Have you wasted a lot of money at iTunes but still you don’t have iPod with bundle of music, new games, show or movies? So what do you have purchased with much money? Suppose if something bad happens then you will not be able to recover your digital media. Well! There is a good way

How to stream Video from MAC OS X to Your Apple device

Have you ever desire to stream video from computer to your Apple device? Well! In this article, you will see how to stream video to your iPhone or iPad by using internet or Wi-Fi connection. In Apple devices, you can access Air Video as a Full version or free version. In free version, there is

iPhone 5 Spotted In Apple Inventory Systems

According to sources, Apple inventory systems already have next-generation iPhones. This iPhone is expected to include an A5 processor, perhaps 1GB of RAM, a dual-mode GSM/CDMA chipset, glass front and back panels, 3.5 inch display, and an 8 megapixel rear camera. As per sources, the model number in the inventory system, MD239,is the same as

Enjoy Free Live Stream of Royal Wedding on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton is considered as the second biggest royal marriage in the history ofGreat Britain. The first greatest royal wedding was Prince Charles and Lady Dianna’s wedding. More than 750 million people watched this wedding. Well, its time to gear up yourself forUK’s second biggest royal wedding. Entire wedding

Add content to Apple’s iPod Notes

These days iPod is the most commonly used application. No doubt! It has thrown many mobile devices back in market. In this article you will get knowledge of how to create iPod content. Read below! How to prepare iPod for Disk Use To build content for your iPod Notes the first thing you need to

Integrate RockBox with iPod

Apple has introduced the famous iPod music player. The music industry took a new turn with the invention of iPod along with iTunes store that has brought a change for the business. Apple is back into the competition just because of the music. Many people really are in favor of iPod and still they want