Add content to Apple’s iPod Notes

These days iPod is the most commonly used application. No doubt! It has thrown many mobile devices back in market. In this article you will get knowledge of how to create iPod content. Read below!

How to prepare iPod for Disk Use

To build content for your iPod Notes the first thing you need to do is enable disk accessing. This way you can explore iPod hard drive directly and you will be able to develop and then save your material. Now, go to iTunes and click on iPod from DEVICES list and then click on “Summary” tab. At the end, select checkbox “Enable Disk use” from Options pane.

If you want to develop content for iPod Notes, you must enable disk access. In iTunes, select your iPod in the DEVICES list and select the Summary tab in the main iTunes window. Locate the “Enable disk use” checkbox in the Options pane and select it (Figure 1).

How to create a simple content

The easiest content that you can add to your iPod notes is “Pictures”. That’s really amazing but it’s true actually friends. The process to create content is so simple. Have a look!

  • Go to your iPod browser window and check for Notes Folder if already present or not. If not, you can create one.
  • Drag multiple JPEG images and drag into Notes folder. Also remove any other files if exist in Notes Folder.
  • Dismount iPod for direct interaction.
  • From your iPod, select “Extras” and then “Notes”. Here you can explore for JPEG images that you have added recently in Notes folder.
  • Click on any file to display it. Redock iPod and mount on your desktop. That’s all!

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