Free download Skype Wi-Fi app for your iPhone

I am sure you know about Skype and also you use it daily. Skype is an app that lets you to make free voice calls, video calls and chat on internet. Now Skype has added another new app in it that is available for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and that app called Skype Wi-Fi. By name, everyone can predict that it would be something to access internet by Wi-Fi connection.

Skype Wi-Fi app on iOS device provides user with low cost Wi-Fi access from more than one millions locations all over the world such as restaurants, trains stations, hotels, airports and bars etc.

Skype Wi-Fi app features:

  • You can connect to Wi-Fi from anywhere at any time very easily.
  • Make a single click on Connect and then you will be free to check your emails, Facebook, use Skype to make calls or chat, download songs and movies and much more that you want.
  • You just need to pay for time you are accessing Wi-Fi and there is no any restriction on data size that you can download or upload on Twitter.

Below steps will tell you how you can use this app on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

  • Launch App store and then download Skype Wi-Fi app. Below is the link to download it from iTunes

  • Once you get it, open it from your iPhone.

To access app, you need to enter your Skype account information. Click on “Go Online” and you will be in.

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