IOS 5 beta activation without Developer Account

IOS 5 beta, a mobile operating system, is a latest version of iPhone OS by Apple Inc. Having hundreds of new features made its users crazy about it. A developer account is needed to activate it, but now, it is possible to do so without this account.

Here is the process to activate iOS 5 beta without Developer Account:

Recommendation: The given process is of advance level and it is not recommended for fresh users.


  • Update your iPhone firmware to iOS beta,
  • An activation screen will appear. Here you need to activate Voice Over.
  • Press the Home button three times to activate the Voice Over.
  • Now, Press again the Home button. An emergency Call Option will appear.
  • Be quick, strike emergency call and come down from the top using three fingers.
  • A new iOS 5 notification center will appear.
  • Click on the Weather widget now, you’ll see that the application open’s without demanding activation.
  • Click on Home button and Home screen will appear.

Setup Completed.

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