Integrate RockBox with iPod

Apple has introduced the famous iPod music player. The music industry took a new turn with the invention of iPod along with iTunes store that has brought a change for the business. Apple is back into the competition just because of the music.

Many people really are in favor of iPod and still they want some new features to be added in order to enhance the beauty of technology. With the introduction of RockBox into the iPod there is new hope of entertainment for them.

For different music players RockBox is an alternative open source firmware which also includes Apple’s iPod and you should know how to install RockBox on your iPod.

Make sure that your iPod is connected to your computer and that iTunes should not be running as you start to install the feature.

You have to click on the Complete Installation or the Minimal Installation button as soon as your iPod is identified. Features like games, artwork and fonts are included in the RockBox. Now the actual firmware files, fonts and other required files will be downloaded from the internet with the help of the installer.

As downloading of the files is complete by the installer you would be asked to set the default theme and you can change the theme later on. After selecting the theme click on the install button.

That’s it the installer will install the RockBox on your iPod

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