Introduction on iPod Notes

iPod is the most famous device introduced by Apple with more power and technology. It is not only for music, games, photos and videos but also for writing notes and that is one of the great features in Apple’s iPod device. Note feature allows you to use iPod for creating user driven and self contained presentations.

Here you will see how to create and control notes, reuse existing material, how to navigate and many more.

Many computers give you facility to control iPod by controlling your preferences. iPod notes displays by making and editing simple text file. It is compulsory to store preferences.txt file in top most notes folders located in your iPod. It contains one or more than one <META> elements to specify preference name.

NotesOnly basically check that your iPod device shows all features as you are expecting normally or it fixes the user to certain limit to the notes that you have created. This mode stores your user into “Notes” inside “Extras”. They cannot move to iPod menus until you reset preferences at your computer. Reset can be done by editing or removing preferences file. The default NotesOnly value is FALSE that lets you to access the entire iPod.


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