Photographer Interrupts Mating Tortoises and Something Surprising Happens

Nature is truly an interesting thing. You just never know what to expect while exploring. And for National Geographic reporter, Paul Rose, he definitely learned it the hard–but slightly hilarious–way.

While filming on an island north of Madagascar, he heard some kind of “pushing, blowing kind of sound” from the bushes. Rose was rather surprised to see a pair of mating tortoises and went nearer to take a closer look at them. However, things didn’t really go as planned since one of the tortoises ended up seeing him and then proceeded to “chase” Rose and his cameraman–probably due to embarrassment and fury. The whole chase actually reached about 400 yards before the tortoise gave up and returned from where he came from.

Screenshot 2015-03-29 21.14.27



And here’s a rather interesting, albeit hilarious, close up of just how furious and unhappy the tortoise looked:



For a better view, better watch the full video below:


Source: via Buzzfeed

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