Travel The World In Your Home With This Solar-Powered Luxury Island Yacht

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What if you could move your home to a new country by simply raising an anchor? Well, if you own a luxury Orsos Island, that is nothing impossible. Designed to “combine all the positive aspects of mainland real estate and luxury yachts” the floating home resort offers homeowners their own solar-powered private island abodes that can be moved and re-anchored whenever they desire.

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The Orsos Islands have been specially developed for private use as well as for the use of exclusive hotel industries. Each island is rumoured to cost $4.6 million which unfortunately only makes them ideal for the wealthy folks. Providing accommodation for up to 12 guests should you wish to invite people onto your tropical retreat, each ‘island home’ is over 20 meters wide and more than 37 meters long.

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They are also completely sustainable and feature an autonomous power supply based energy system. Its supply of energy comes from a blissfully noiseless wind energy system and 160m² of solar panels that will provide power both day and night. The heat from the sea water is also retained to power heating and air conditioning. All of this is controlled by an intelligent computer system that monitors the entire energy management process.

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The energy collected is also distributed to various batteries to ensure that any excess energy is not wasted. In addition to being used to power the island, it is used in the treatment of salt water to make drinking water and for the disposal of waste water. To protect and sustain the environment as well as to firmly establish the green credentials of the Orsos Island, recycled water only leaves the island with the quality of drinking water.

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Each resort is equipped with two diesel engines that will guarantee the maintenance of the power supply and security of ORSOS Islands in the case of an emergency.

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