Top 10 Architecture & Home Design Apps for iPhone

No 8. Drawvis

Drawvis is an application for viewing technical drawings. It displays drawings in the saved in AutoCAD DXF textual format. The application stores the files in directories and displays them effectively on your iPhone and is really fast. There are two versions of the app; one free and the other not free. The difference is that the paid version can store more than one file.

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No 7. Architect’s Formulator

This app contains over 200 formulas in the areas of Electrical, Carpentry and Plumbing, as well as Concrete and Excavations. This app really eliminates the need for having to reference bulky manuals.

Here is a part of the list of available formulas in the app:

  • Acoustic Absorption Factor
  • Acoustic Absorption Factor
  • Room Absorption
  • Reverberation Time-Metric
  • Reverberation Time-Feet
  • Cantilever Mmax
  • Uniform Load Two Spans
  • Center Fixed Outer Free Vmax
  • Center Fixed Outer Free Mmax
  • 3 Fixed Vmax
  • Free Vmax
  • 4 Inner Fixed Outer Free Mmax
  • Coarse Aggregate Used
  • Weight of Material
  • Bricks Needed In 12 Inch Wall
  • Bricks Needed in 16 Inch Wall
  • Minimum Window Area
  • Rigid Square Plate Stress
  • Rigid Square Plate Max
  • Flexible Circular Plate Stress
  • Flexible Circular Max
  • Vertical Shear
  • Rectangular Sections Shear
  • Steel W, M, Or C Sections
  • Horizontal Shear
  • Bending Moment Load
  • Structures Total Safe Load

This app costs $9.99.

See it in the iTunes store

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