Top 10 Nuclear Powers of the World

No 6. India

First test 1974
Nuclear stockpile size 40-95
Last nuclear test 1998
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty status Non-signatory

India possesses nuclear weapons and is also capable of delivering them through aircrafts and surface ships. Its nuclear-capable submarines are under development. India’s first nuclear test was, interestingly, named “Smiling Buddha” as it was a “peaceful nuclear explosive”. A wave of economic sanctions against India by America, Japan and other countries materialized after the 1998 explosions.


No 5. China

First test 1964
Nuclear stockpile size 240
Last nuclear test 1996
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty status Signatory

After testing its first atomic bomb, China tested its hydrogen bomb in 1967. China currently has 180 active nuclear warheads. China is the only nuclear weapons state to give a security assurance to non-nuclear-weapon states: “China undertakes not to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear-weapon states or nuclear-weapon-free zones at any time or under any circumstances.”


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