Drift back in time with Google Street View

Am sure you’ve at least watched a movie that had a time machine. It seemed like a big creepy structure that magically drifted the actors back in time or catapulted them into the future. To most of us this is just an illusion as no such thing exists. Conversely, a brilliantly devised functionality enables Google Street View to offer its users a “time machine” function.

I am convinced that we are all fascinated by certain developments that have taken place in our cities over time. Surprisingly, hardly do people assemble photos that depict a city’s development over time.  Imagine what it would be like if all one had to do was look up in Google Street View to find how a particular spot looked some years back. The good news is that all this is now possible thanks to the clock icon on Google Street View.

When using Street View on Google Maps, a clock icon will appear on the upper left corner. However, this will only be possible for Locations that have time lapse photos. Navigation through images from previous seasons and years is possible once the clock icon has been selected. This new feature is expected to be unveiled next Wednesday and only the desktop version is available.

Source: Google maps


Google Maps-Time Travel



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