Spend like a Secret Agent

Have you ever seen a man in a perfectly tailored suit? The kind of suit that is perfect for him from color to cut? There’s always something that ruins a good suit- the wallet bulge. Australian menswear label M.J Bale, Heritage bank and Visa have come up with a solution- a suite with a Visa payWave chip in the sleeve and will allow men to leave the wallet at home, because in the words of M.J Bale CEO, Matt Jenson “The world’s most powerful men don’t carry a wallet.”

The payWave chip is linked to a prepaid account with Heritage Bank that you can add funds to, which means that even if someone were to steal your jacket, they wouldn’t be able to destroy your financial identity. The label said they wanted to give men “the ability to pay for anything with the effortless swagger of a celebrity, tycoon or double agent.”

Matthew Rogers- an Australian football star modeled the prototype. The spy suit prototype is made of 100% superfine Australian Merino Wool and was created under the watchful eye of master tailor, Kenichi Kaneko of Japan. While you may expect the suit to require special care due to the chip- it can be dry cleaned, like most other woolen suits.

Combining style and technology in a manner that solves the wallet bulge problem in a secure fashion is brilliant, but if you want this convenience 24/7 keep an eye out for stories about a contactless payment chip that is being installed in palms. The technology is undergoing trials in Sweden- over 1,000 people currently use “vein-scanning” and the developers are hoping to go international shortly.

Source: Mathew

Menswear label M.J. Bale, Heritage Bank and Visa have teamed up to create the suit with a contactless payment chip and antenna woven into the sleeve. The power suit will let men pay 'invisibly' wherever Visa payWave is accepted

Australian Football League star Matthew Rogers is seen here modelling the world's first suit with contactless payment woven into the sleeve. Australian tailors have designed the 'James Bond' style suit that lets you pay for things with the wave of your arm

The prototype is made from 100 per cent Superfine Australian Merino Wool and has a cut overseen by master Japanese tailor, Kenichi Kaneko. M.J. Bale said they are 'giving men the ability to pay for anything with the effortless swagger of a celebrity, tycoon or double agent'


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