10 Food Items Banned In The U.S.

1. The Japanese Puffer Fish 

Japanese puffer fish

This unusual fish’s skin and organs carry a toxic chemical called tetrodotoxin that can paralyse and asphyxiate its consumer if not properly prepared. The Japanese puffer fish is only legal for purchase to chefs whom has a license and the expertise in preparing the fish.

2. Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean sea bassThis tasty endangered species is uncertified and banned for  importation into the U.S. and France. Some rare sources of the sea bass are however allowed.

3. Human and Horse Meat

human and horse meat

The slaughtering of human and horse for meat is illegal in the U.S. Although eating horse meat is found legal, Congress amended the law in 2010 for the slaughtering of horses for food to be illegal in the U.S.

4. Swan


This gracious bird is an endangered species in the U.S. and England. Only members of the royal family are able to hunt swans.

5. Shark Fin

shark fin

This act called shark finning, which includes the clipping off of sharks’ fins for food and afterwards throwing the fish back into the ocean is not only brutal but also illegal in the U.S.

6. Queen Conch

queen conch

This giant sea snail which is found in the Caribbean is banned in the U.S. due to overfishing.

7. Caviar (Wild Beluga)


This delicious delicacy of salted-cured Baby Beluga fish-larvae is an endangered species and therefore is banned for consumption in the U.S.

8. Mirabelle Plums

mirabelle plums

These sweet yellow plums, which are native to France, are very rare in the U.S. due to the strict importing laws of France.

9. Ackee


Although this fruit is the national fruit of Jamaica, it is banned in the U.S. because the inedible parts are poisonous and if consumed can cause the toxins to tamper with its consumers blood sugar levels and lead to death.

10. Absinthe Absinthe

This drink was banned due to the fact that it contained a chemical found in wormwood called thujone, which can cause hallucinations and possessed toxic properties. A purer absinthe is however available for purchase.




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