Google is trying to compete Social News Reader for iPod and Android

Robert Scoble has stated on his Google+ profile that great Google is doing work on social news reader as similar to Flipboard work for Android or iPad devices.

Flipboard allows you to read content of new from your iPad in easy way and is one of the most popular apps in App Store. In Google+ profile, Robert posted that one Google worker told him, Google is competing Flipboard for both iPad and Android device.

Google is not telling about its latest apps rather it is storing all social announcements. If Google is waiting for facebook announcement in coming week then what is huge possibility? Will it also revealed a raft of all new things at once?

Recently a report came regarding Flipboard that it has received $ 60 million funding at valuation of $ 200 million. Google wanted to buy Flipboard in previous year but Flipboard had rejected this offer. After rejection, Google planned to create its own version to works same like Flipboard. Google was also aware that Apple is working on such type of product that is Propeller. According to various other sources, it revealed that now Google has started work to compete new product that is currently famous with the name Propeller. Well! Let’s see what will happen.

Below is the download link for Flipboard. Just try it if you had not already.

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