Download Google Authenticator App Turns to secure your iPhone for Google account

Recently Google has added new security features named two-step verification system for Google apps and Gmail. This advanced feature provides you one more layer of security in order to make your Google account more secure. This verification is based on your Google password and secondly your mobile phone. You might be familiar with this technology because it is not a new thing that only Google discovered. There are few banks that apply this system in order to access their bank website by entering password and unique passcode. This unique passcode is generated by token that you receive from bank.

In previous month, Google introduced Google Authenticator: an iPhone app to make two-step verification for your iPhone device. This app converts your iPhone device to a security token and then it creates a unique passcode for verification.

Well! It is good idea to activate the two-step verification when you go to access your Google account. The whole process need only 5 to 10 minutes and your account will achieve highly security. When you do this, you will see a must-have app. Simply download it from App iTunes store with free of cost. You can also get it for your iPod touch and iPad.

Link to download is given below:

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