Reports claim Apple will release iCloud iPhone with iPhone 5

Today Apple has revealed a new secret. Want to know what it is? Of course your answer would be yes! Apple has stated that he will release iPhone version along with the iPhone 5. It is expected that new device will be iCloud iPhone because new iCloud device will be based on new iCloud service rather than internal storage. That will be pretty awesome if you get iCloud iPhone for free also along with iPhone 5.

AppleNApps have made confirmation of coming three independent sources and all are attached to Apple with different capacities. This clears that Apple will launch two iPhone models in coming fall and also a cheaper iPhone. That cheaper iPhone will be iCloud iPhone.

Moreover it is expected that cheaper iCloud iPhone would come with the retail cost of $400 while iPhone would remain at old price that is $ 600 retail price. By iCLoud iPhone release, you would get all stored contents from the iCloud directly due to which your cost of component would be reduced definitely. One expected drawback is that workload would be placed on a single platform iCloud.

Different reports and statements also claim that Apple will arrange a special event to launch both iPhone 5 and iCloud iPhone.

It is not confirmed yet what apple is going to release in coming fall. Just wait and see what will happen.

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