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Top 10 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas month is here and with it comes the arduous task of assuming the role of Santa for your loved ones and bringing them new and exciting gifts hoping that your kid won’t tear the gift wrap open and just give a thankless half smile that makes you hate the fact you ever decided having

This Year’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree!

This Years Christmas was made special by the Japanese for making the most expensive Christmas tree. The Japanese famous jeweler “Ginza Tanaka” who already designed a 24 carat Gold Horse for the Japan’s new born prince made this time a pure Gold tree making it out to be the world’s most expensive Christmas tree yet.

Report: Most Teenagers Want An iPhone or iPad For Christmas

Apple products, iPhone and iPad, are the two most wanted Christmas gifts constituting about 10% of the teenagers, as per a new report. Alongside clothes and cash are the Apple’s products as the top gift for teens, according to Piper Jaffray. Out of those that were questioned in the survey, 4.3% had iPhone on their wish

McAfee warns about ’12 Scams of Christmas’

Retailers aren’t the only ones gearing up for the holiday season. Criminals are also out in force. To highlight the increased crime during the holidays, security company McAfee has come up with the “12 Scams of Christmas” ranging from bogus electronic greeting cards that deliver malware instead of cheer to fake charities that steal your