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Top 10 Worst Car Recalls

No 8. Ford, 1987 (3.6 million vehicles)

This recall was made for nearly all Ford models of 1987 including trucks and vans. The problem was a potentially dangerous one. Fuel leakages were reported as a result of faulty fuel line. Incidents involving compartment fires were attributed to this flaw. The effected models included Lincoln, Mercury and F-150 trucks.

No 7. Volkswagen, 1972 (3.7 million vehicles)

This recall was because of faulty windshield wipers. This vital component of the vehicle used to break off after becoming loose. Although this was a small problem but nonetheless needed to be addressed. So 3.7 million vehicles including the famous Beetle went back into the factories to have their wipers replaced. The consumers were not seriously affected by this recall.

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