Top 10 Servant Robots for Your Home

7. The Dyson Robotic Vacuum Cleaner DC06

The Dyson robotic vacuum cleaner can be called the vacuum cleaner with a brain. This vacuum cleaner features more than 70 sensors as well as 3 on board computers. The machine requires no human input or special training to clean up an entire area, for it memorizes the complete layout of the house and the sensors work with incredible accuracy so that it covers every area of the room without ever repeating any sections that has already been vacuumed. This ensures that no power is wasted and the work is finished very fast. It is capable of making up to 10 decisions per second which is incredible.

What is even more exciting about this product is that it charges its own batteries using a high-speed charger, similar to the Mint Robot Vacuum. The Dyson robotic vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a mood indicator. While the blue light indicates its happy mood when it experiences no issues in making a decision and the environment is very friendly to vacuum, green light signifies that it is negotiating an obstacle and the red light makes us aware that it feels threatened by its environment. Its vacuum system uses James Dyson’s cyclone technology that doesn’t require a bag, and so allows it to maintain a constant rate. There are several other mini versions of Dyson robotic vacuum cleaner available too.

8. RoboMower RL850 – The Robotic Lawn Mower

RoboMower is one of the best lawn mowers among the plenty of robotic mowers available in the market. Just by pressing on the button, this fully-automatic lawnmower begins to circle around your yard, simultaneously cutting and mulching the grasses. It is capable of handling any lawn, regardless of its shape, size, slope and obstacles. It requires a simple one time set-up where a set of wires are laid around the exterior edges of the lawn. The wires and the pegs are supplied with RoboMower itself. The wires will be connected to a battery powered current source called the Perimeter switch. In a few weeks time the wires will be covered by the grass and won’t be noticed at all. The RoboMower recognizes the wire sensors through a detector and can be operated by pressing the “Go” button.

It can cover up to 10,800 square feet with its 3-blade cutting system and cuts at a speed of 5800 rpm. Its driving speed is about 0.5m/s and is safe, quite and eco-friendly. It has a battery pack measuring 8.5?D x 7?W and comes with a 2 year warranty. It is cordless as well and is cheaper than its other competitors.

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