6 Crazy-Cool Creations That You Can Make Using 3D Printing Technology

3d printing

Being able to print 3-dimensional objects with a 3D printer is definitely not for show as many people all around the world are using the technology to create all sorts of objects. One of the cool advantages that comes with 3D printing is that you can simply print a broken part of a machinery and easily have it reprinted instead of having to wait for a replacement to come via an order.

In addition to doing all the necessary things, you can be creative by making cool items such as a replica of a 1960 Aston Martin DB5 in a 1:3 scale, then crash and burn it just for entertainment, like James Bond did.

Check out these 6 crazy-cool creations that you can make using the technology of 3D printing.


1. 3D Printed Fabrics

3D printed fabric


Not only is this type of material recyclable, requires less labour, and shortens production time, but it also ultimately lowers the carbon footprint for a greener way to create clothing. When it is created for someone, it will instantly become a perfectly fitted clothing as a software first collects a person’s body measurements.


2. 3D Printed Phone Case & Card Holder

3d printed phone case and card holder

This iPhone case doubles as a card holder. The Mondriaan Case created by Janne Kyttanen is designed with converging horizontal and vertical lines.


3. Operable 3D Printed Guns

3d printed operable guns

Non-profit corporation Defense Distributed designed this 3D printed gun. They allow users to download the necessary files to print their own firearms. You can check out a video of the gun in operation here.


4. 3D Printed Medical Models

3d printed medical models 3d printed medical models 2

Thanks to 3D printing, doctors have a cheaper alternative to learn about the human anatomy and also be able to apply realism into surgery practice without the use of cadavers. Surgeons also now able to plan a surgery on a 3D printed model like this before the real patient goes under the knife, for much more accuracy.


5. 3D Printed Musical Instruments

3d printed piano

3d printed drums

3d printed electric guitae

Before instrument builders had to use metals and wood to build the body of an instrument, now they can easily 3D print any part of the instrument they want and just put it all together. Avid musicians can now also create a replica of their favourite musician or idol’s signature instrument.


6. 3D Printed Shoes

3d printed heels


3d printed heels 2

Who doesn’t like a stylish shoe? Whether they’re sneakers or high heels, you can 3D print any accessory in any color.

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