Top 20 Weird Looking Computer Mice

How would you imagine a world where the mouse was never invented? I, for one, just love my mouse (the hardware, not the rodent) and I just have to mention I don’t feel comfortable using trackpads. I love that combination of speed and precision that I get from my mouse that no trackpad can even compare with. Maybe it’s because it’s easier to control something with your whole hand rather than your finger, or maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to one piece of hardware more than the other. But while navigation in various applications can be done with a trackpad, I don’t think that games will ever be playable with a trackpad (maybe a gamepad, but that’s another story).
And the mouse did came a long way since 1968 when a team of scientists from the Stanford University lead by Douglas Engelbart made the first public demonstration of a mouse (or X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System as it was called then). New technologies kept improving the mouse to the state it is today, always making it more precise and easier to use. But this article is not a history lesson. Today we will show you the top 20 weirdest mice ever produced.

#20: The Car Mouse

If you just live, breathe and eat cars, this mouse may grab your attention.


#19: The Slim Mouse

This mouse is slim, very slim. It’s actually so slim that you can store it in the memory card slot of your laptop (the USB cable included). When you want to use it, “unfold” it and you are set to go. It may be a practical mouse, but it looks kind of funny.


#18: The Space Rocket Mouse

Some of the mice we will show you today might seem from outer space. This one looks like it’s going to get into outer space.


#17. The Grenade Mouse

We are undecided if this mouse is a bomb or if it will just blow you away. Just kidding, it’s harmless, just don’t use the real thing if your CounterStrike performance sucks.


#16. Skype Phone Mouse

“Excuse me for a moment, my MOUSE is ringing”?


#15: The Porky Mouse.

Some people believe there is nothing wrong with squishing something that looks like a pig’s eye to get to the link they want.


#14. The Ring Mouse

This is what geeks will be offering as a wedding ring in the year 2020:


#13. The anti-bacterial mouse.

We recommend that you regularly wash your hands and clean your mouse on a daily basis. If you are too lazy to do this (which should be a problem), here is an alternative:


#12. The Tablet Mouse

This is probably the most unpractical mouse of them all as the tablet is too small for anything really useful, but it does look cool, and it comes in four different colors so you can match the color you have on your “Printer Keyboard” :>


#11. 3D Mouse

If you are working in the 3D design field, then you may recognize this mouse, but you have to admit it’s weird-looking. It’s actually called a Space Explorer mouse, which is something we would imagine a Space Explorer should be using.


#10. The Gun Mouse

If you are a First Person Shooter fan and don’t get the feel that you are actually shooting, try this mouse. You won’t get too many frags as it does not seem very ergonomically designed, but pulling a trigger to kill virtual enemies is cool. Bullets not included.


#9: The Fanatec Headshot Uber Mouse

We think Batman uses this mouse when playing Counter Strike against The Joker so we won’t say anything more about it.


#8: The Microsoft Natural Laser Mouse

We hope Microsoft future operating systems are not as “natural” as the design of this mouse.


#7: The “Hand” Mouse.

No comment on this one.


#6: MUS2 Mouse

“Point and Click” ?


#5 The Heart Mouse

Some people really love their mouse.


#4 The Horror Mouse

If you suffer from any heart condition, don’t buy this mouse.


#3 The Boob Mouse

I know you prefer the real stuff, but DOTA and ladies don’t work out sometimes. Try this method instead.


#2 The Cyborg Mouse.

While we don’t know for sure how this mouse is used, it is official: this is the coolest mouse ever made.


#1. The Mouse… Mouse

See, it’s a mouse shaped like a… Mouse. How cool is that?


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