Top 10 iPhone Apps by Sales Volume

No 6. Flashlight ®

Price: $0.99 (limited time offer, most probably)

Claimed to be ‘the fastest’ flashlight for the iPhone, this app is one of the simplest you can find. It looks true though, as it is rated at 5 stars with over 6,000 reviews.

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No 5. Pages

Price: $9.99

This is the most expensive app on the list which lets you create, edit and view documents with the simplest of ease. Pages is a remarkably powerful word processor with support for tables, charts and more fonts than any other app in the market. If you constantly need to edit or create documents on the fly, this app is for you.

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No 4. WhatsApp Messenger

Price: $0.99

Allowing you to exchange messages, pictures, audio notes and video messages with your friends and contacts at no cost, this app really shouldn’t be missed. But your ‘friends’ also need to have WhatsApp installed for the freebies. It also features group chat, constant login, offline messages and many other things that make it worth the 99 cents you will spend for it.

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No 3. Shazam Encore

Price: $5.99

Shazam identifies the name, album, and artist of a song just by hearing it over your iPhone’s microphone. This app now has LyricPlay allowing you to read synced lyrics as the music plays for over 25,000 of the most popular Shazam’d tracks. Shazam Encore also gives you unlimited tagging and lyrics (normal) for over 500,000 tracks among other features.

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