A Fantastic Board That Combines Both Surfing and Flight

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Water sports couldn’t get any less than awesome with this new innovative gadget. French jet ski champion Franky Zapata has invented an aquatic version of a sci-fi skate board that was used in the film Back To The Future by character Marty McFly. The new Hoverboard by ZR looks similar to a wakeboard and the sensation is a cross-breed between flying and surfing. The hoverboard is described as ‘a new innovative extreme discipline that will make you experience new sensation’ by the company.

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The board allows riders to elevate from the water surface doing tricks such as somersaults and spins up to 16ft in the air and  reaches speeds of 16mph (25km/h). A hose of length 59ft (18 metre) is attached to the board and is propelled by a powerful bolt of water.

The hoverboard accommodates only one rider, but relies on a motor boat followings its lead, unless special equipment is used.

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There are no weight restrictions for using the board but the French company highlights that riders weighing more than 110 kg (243lbs) may not be able to experience the full potential of the water-propelled device.

Hoverboard by ZR can be used at beaches or lakes but the body of water must meet the minium depth of 13 ft (4 metres). At least one hour of professional training is required to  to control the board in order to ensure the rider’s safety.

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The company  previously invented another water-propelled device called the ‘Flyboard’, which allows the riders to ‘fly’ through the air by strapping a relatively smaller board with two water nozzles attached to their feet.

The Hoverboard by ZR is set to go on sale this summer and can be pre-ordered from Rocky Mountain Flyboard for $2,675 (£1,577), as reported by CNET.

The HD video below by popular YouTuber Devin Super Tramp shows how he and his friends have a rather grand experience riding the board at a beach in Mexico.

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