Traveler Creates Map Revealing Over 180 Airports’ Wi-Fi Password

If you want to have a bad experience travelling, just try it having nothing to do as you wait those long hours to arrive at your destination. Ask travelers and they will tell you that the internet is probably most appreciate when at the airport. Ofcourse there is probably internet at most if not all airports around the world, but you will have to prepare to walk around trying to find a staff member who actually knows the password, be a special traveler or give up some money. A solution for your internet needs was thankfully solved by a clever dude.


Covering over 180 airports across the world, a computer software engineer and travel blogger named Anil Polat has managed to collect the passwords for Wi-Fi networks at airports. These passwords are provided on an interactive map that is pretty simple to use. For each country that has a Wi-Fi password provided, a plane-shaped button is placed over the location of the airport on the map. To retrieve the password of the specific airport’s Wi-Fi network, all you have to do is to click on the icon. Information regarding the available connections will then instantly pop-up.

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