6 Easy & Inexpensive DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

On Halloween day people will be looking our for the best decorated house and the coolest costumes. Many of us tend to spend fortunes on decorations but little did we know that we can create some of the coolest things to prep our space by buying materials that cost even $1 for a whole pack and then simply make our decors on our own. Not only will this save us money but it will also give us the chance to spend time with our families as we all sit together and do some crafting. Check out these 6 easy DIY Halloween craft decoration ideas.


1. Hanging Ghosts


All you will need to create this look are a few Styrofoam balls, some cheesecloth, and a black marker. Shred the cheesecloth at the bottom to give it a ghostly appearance.


2. Tin Can Lanterns


After emptying the cans of their content for dinner, you can save them and then before Halloween create these cool lanterns. You can puncture names or Halloween related terms in them by using a nail and a hammer.


3. Wire Ghost

If you have chicken wire lying around your yard, you can make a very scary ghost without using white sheets. All you have to do is to form the wires like a person and then spray paint it with glow in the dark paint.


4. House-O-Lantern


Turn your house into a jack-o-lantern with this crazy idea. All you will need is corrugated cardboard, or cardboard that you may have in your storage room and a scissors to cut the face out. Ensure that the cardboard fits into the window, the window you have chosen is visible and there is light to shine through. You can also get orange light bulbs to put inside the room for the occasion.


5. Halloween Door Hanger

Younger kids will be able to do this easy door hanger with just cardstock and a few stickers or decorating supplies such as sprinkles. Place it on your front door to make your visitors scared to knock.


6. Magnetic Spiders


You can purchase a bag of plastic spider rings at most Dollar Stores for around $1. Remove the rings and then hot glue magnets to them. Afterwards you will be able to place the spiders on your door or just anywhere that has metal.

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