Top 10 Gadgets for your iPhone 4

No 8. PED3 Stand

Price: $25

If you like the idea of an Alien holding your iPhone while you use it, then you will definitely like the PED3 stand. It can rotate 360 degrees and is made of solid steel.

You can enjoy watching videos on your Alien-held iPhone with a good enough sound level. This stand can come in pretty handy while in a plane specially, when you can just set the stand in your lap, plug in your headphones and enjoy some movies.

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No 7. Simplifi

Price: $69.99

Simplifi is all-in-one solution for connecting your iPhone to your computer. It features a card reader capable of reading Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, SD, SDHC, xD and CF. A great way to reduce the clutter on your desk.


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