Want Your Phone To Notify You By Standing Up?

“What if whenever you recieve a phone call or a text message your phone changes its position to let you know.” Now thats something most people would love to see or own such a smartphone. Smartphone/Concept phones are taking over the mobile market and selling just as hot cakes. A while back Nokia’s latest concept phone Nokia Kinetic’s was leaked and then it was officially disclosed. This concept phone has been designed by British designer Jeremy Innes-Hopkins. The phone’s specs are yet to be disclosed but the phone’s basic layout and designs were released.

Nokia Kinetic


Side View

Side View

"Body Description"

Body Description

Nokia Kinetic turns digital information into Kinetic movemnet. It could be quite fun to use. Obviously, the most eye-catching aspect here is that prominent base, which is not simply a design flourish but actually houses an electromagnet that allows the phone to spring up on any notification– when an alarm goes off, for instance, or during a hands-free video call (all you have to do is simply flip the phone back down to dismiss the on going action). It is reportedly said that the top half of the phone is just 8mm thick, whereas the bottom is 18mm.The bottom half gives more of a camera type grip for taking smooth photographs. By now itrs still just a concept and yet its not sure whether the whole of this would make into the Nokia’s final product. Accordint to Jeremy, it was designed on the request of Nokia and a former Nokia designer worked as a tutor for this design. Nokia’s entry into the concept phones race will give it another look. For all those Nokia/Concept Phone enthusiasts the wait seems to be worth a while!