Mercedes Designs Self-Driving Car To Offer Relaxing Driving Experience

Many of us can recall a few years ago, discussing how in the future cars would be able to drive themselves around. Luxury car designers, Mercedes, have however came up with a new concept that could possibly bring that thought to the near future. The concept includes giving the occupants of the car a relaxing experience as the car would be completely autonomous and drive itself.

“We are convinced that autonomous driving will be a central factor on the way to comfortable, accident-free driving. Autonomous driving relieves pressure and stress in driving situations usually regarded as tedious, for example in tailbacks, in inner-city areas or on long journeys. At the same time, it opens up new ways in which people can make the best use of their time on the road.” the head of the corporate research and sustainability said.

The firm believes that the future of cars lies within the self-driving technology, as the car will allow the travellers to be able to work, or even relax as they are taken to their destination. The interior of the car would also differ from the typical layout of cars today, so as to allow space for meetings and lounging. The seats at the front would therefore be turned around to face the seats at the back.

The cars of the future by Mercedes will also feature touch screen displays and sensors that could track the hand movements of the passengers to allow them to control certain functions and receive information about their journey, along with the car.

Recently, the company has been working on many embryonic technologies, and testing them in their S 500 Intelligent Drive vehicle which they say might have a key role in driverless cars of the future. Actions such as going around a corner on its own, navigating roundabouts and merging with other traffic, are a few of the things that driverless cars would be able to do safely. The firm is currently working on a sensor system that allows smooth reaction to obstacles and the detection of traffic lights.

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