Mac OS X Lion Features

Mac has challenged the accepted way of doing things by introducing new features that change the way you use a computer.Mac has introduce more then 250 features.

Multi-Touch Gestures

Multi-Touch gestures rework the approach you interact together with your Mac, creating all you are doing additional intuitive and direct. Currently a fair richer Multi-Touch expertise involves OS X Lion. Fancy additional fluid and realistic gesture responses, as well as rubber-band scrolling, page and image zoom, and full-screen swiping.

Full-Screen Apps

OS X Lion offers system wide support for beautiful, full-screen apps that use each in. of your Mac show. you’ll be able to have multiple full-screen apps open quickly — at the side of multiple standard-size apps. It can easily change the full screen and desktop views.

Mission Control

Mission management brings along full-screen apps, Dashboard, Exposé, and areas in one new feature that offers you a bird’s-eye read of everything on your system. With one swipe on the track pad, your desktop zooms out to Mission management. Consider it because the hub of your system: read everything and go anywhere with simply a click.

Mac App Store

The best thanks to discover apps for your Mac is currently on your Mac. rather like the App Store on iPad, the Mac App Store allows you to browse and download thousands of free and paid apps that you just will begin using directly on all of your Mac computers licensed for private use. New apps install in one step right to Launchpad, and therefore the Mac App Store keeps track of your apps and tells you when updates are out there.


Launchpad provides you instant access to any or all over the apps on Mac. It creates pages to accommodate our apps and adds new pages as you add additional apps. realize the app you wish and open it with one click.


Apps developed with Auto Save will automatically save changes to your document as you’re employed, releasing you from manual saving and from the concern that you’ll lose your valuable work if the app quits. and since Auto Save saves all changes within the background, you’ll be able to work while not the distraction of pauses or progress bars.


Instantly read all the files on your Mac during a single window within the Finder. All My Files gathers all of your files — notwithstanding where they’re located — and displays them in an systematic way. It’s sensible concerning what it jots, showing solely files you commonly open, like documents, images, and videos, whereas leaving out system files.

Electronic Distribution

When you purchase Lion from the Mac App Store, you’ll install it on all of your licensed Mac computers. simply sign up to the Mac App Store from every Mac and download Lion from the Purchases list.

Lion Recovery

OS X Lion includes a built-in set of tools for repairing your Mac within the Recovery HD, a brand new feature that permits you to repair disks or reinstall OS X Lion while not a physical disc. Hold down Command-R throughout startup else into the Recovery HD, or hold down the choice key throughout startup and choose Recovery HD.


A new layout for Mail takes advantage of the widescreen show on your Mac. It neatly arranges your message list and open email aspect by aspect in full-height columns, therefore you see a lot of of your messages.

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