Flash Player 10.1 for Mac came with Hardware acceleration

Great news! Adobe has introduced new version of its flash player that is available for MAC operating system.  Hardware acceleration is added to new Flash player for H.264 video content. Thibualt Imbert is the manager of Adobe product who stated in his blog that Flash player was announced on Tuesday. News about feature namely

Adobe Flash is now compatible to iOS devices

If you get issue into your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad at their inception, they will also not support Adobe flash and contents that are flash based. Well! That was an old issue but now Adobe has resolved incompatibility problem. Adobe flash is now compatible to iOS devices and yeah it’s pretty awesome. Adobe has

Mac Trojan Horse Poses As Adobe Flash Installer

The most recent attempt from digital wrongdoers to contaminate your Mac has been spotted taking on the look and feel of Adobe’s Flash Installer. This Trojan poses a rather serious threat to those unwary users who may think they are merely updating Flash Player. F-Secure has named the Trojan Bash/QHost.WB and have shared some insight

Adobe Adds iOS And Playbook Support To Adobe Flash Builder

Adobe Flash Builder 4.5.1 platform can now be used by programmers all across the world to develop applications for iOS devices, such as iPad and iPhone, as well as for the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The new functionality was announced on the company’s official blog, where Adobe Product Marketing Manager Puneet Goel unveiled that App Store software could be

Apple’s iPad Mistakes

The iPad has a lot going for it, but is also a big disappointment in many ways. Almost no product could have lived up to the insane hype leading up to Steve Jobs’s announcement, but the iPad certainly could have had more groundbreaking features.