Adobe Adds iOS And Playbook Support To Adobe Flash Builder

Adobe Flash Builder 4.5.1 platform can now be used by programmers all across the world to develop applications for iOS devices, such as iPad and iPhone, as well as for the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

The new functionality was announced on the company’s official blog, where Adobe Product Marketing Manager Puneet Goel unveiled that App Store software could be created “using one tool chain, programming language and code base — a first for developers.”

The support for iOS applications happens to come in addition to the ability to create software for Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Initially, application support was only offered for Android software.

Last September, Apple decided to revise its policy on third-party development tools for iOS, and allowed developers to use Adobe’s Flash, Sun’s Java and Microsoft Silverlight as well as its open source counterpart Mono, in creating apps for the iOS platform. Since that restriction no more exists, there shouldn’t be any reason why apps created with this updated software toolkit would face difficulty getting into the Apple app store. Nevertheless, debates about the quality of the applications themselves might still ignite.

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