Untethered iOS 4.3.5 Jailbreak iOS devices – No!

Apple has introduced iOS 4.3.5 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. People, who want to take iOS 4.3.5 untethered jailbreak, should not get excited by placing their hopes high. iOS 4.3.5 is not going to release ever.

Most of you people might know about Apple other release namely iOS 4.3.4 that is available to download for iOS devices. You can tether the jailbreak iOS 4.3.4 but it is not possible to untether. In addition, no release has come to untether before this. Everyone must be thinking of why it is not possible?

Here is the answer for your question. Apple needed to patch Vulnerability for safari mobile that could easily be used by hackers in order to catch full access to your device from safari mobile browser. Vulnerability is used by Comex in order to make development for PDF base exploit to use in iPad 2 jailbreak on iOS 4.3.3 and iPod touch, iPad and iPhone jailbreak on iOS 4.3.3.

keep in mind that an iOS 4.3.5 untethered jailbreak release is not possible from Apple Company. Developers do not even need to think about developing untethered jailbreak exploit for a firmware. As Apple has added two well-known untethered jailbreaks exploit in iOS 5 beta firmware, yet it is only logical thing for you to pay attention on iOS 5 untethered jailbreaks.

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