Top 12 Deadliest Unmanned Killing Machines Of Today


Project REDCAR is hilarious looking, considering the fact that on first inspection it’s quite clear that this “drone” is nothing more than an ORV with a weapon strapped to the front and mounted electronics. That doesn’t detract from the fact that it is fully capable of not only detecting your unauthorized presence in its patrol range, hunting you down, challenging you and finally opening fire on you with said weapon, which would be a machine gun. REDCAR stands for Remote Detection, Challenge and Response, which is an important force-protection mission. The purpose of the drones is to secure base perimeters and other high-value stationary assets (like shipping warehouses) from unauthorized intrusions. The ORV was selected as a platform for its rugged chassis and configurability, allowing the unit to traverse terrain too thick for larger UGV’s to handle.


A slightly more mature version of the REDCAR system, the MDARS or Mobile Detection Assessment and Response System was meant for terrain more easily travelled. They’re meant to be deployed in a grid of up to 255 units, with the goal of ensuring redundant security for an area covered. Ideally deployed to a semi-urbanized setting, such as an airfield, as it travels best on pavement. Behaving much like an ED-209 from Robocop, the MDARS unit will train its guns on the target, then order him not to move. In the meantime, security forces would be dispatched to the exact location with full knowledge of what was waiting for them there.


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