Top 12 Deadliest Unmanned Killing Machines Of Today


The Foster-Miller TALON may not have autonomy as a feature, but this tiny remote controlled robot is LETHAL. Able to maintain its command and control link from up to 1000 meters away from its operator, the TALON allows a huge extension of influence over an area by a force that would normally be too small to cover such real estate. The SWORDS refers to Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection System, which is pretty obviously an acronym that was reverse engineered, but who could blame the designers? The unit has been tested using several small arms weapons normally carried by soldiers into combat, including the M-16 and the Barrett .50 caliber rifle, but currently the units in service carry the M249 machine gun. This robot only comes up to knee height, and weighs a mere 100 lbs, but make no mistake, it can kill you



Probably the exact opposite of the miniature TALON robots, Carnegie Melon’s Crusher is a behemoth capable of literally mowing down an entire squad of enemy soldiers, effectively neutralizing them without firing a shot. It is a six-wheeled monster, engineered specifically with terrain-navigation in mind. It’s able to climb over 4 ft. steps or barricades, using a suspension system not seen on any other vehicle. It’s a true multi-purpose vehicle, but after further testing, it’s expected to be able to autonomously patrol with weaponry, navigating terrain other UGV’s would be unable to handle.

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