Top 12 Deadliest Unmanned Killing Machines Of Today

MQ-8 Fire Scout

Fire Scout is technically classified as a VTUAV, or Vertical Takeoff UAV. In this case, that simply relates to it being a dwarf-sized autonomous helicopter. The US Navy has been seeking a robotic solution to its inherent problem of being somewhat limited on deck-space, while constantly needing aerial support craft. The Fire Scout was perfect for this role and with minor modifications became the Sea Scout for naval use while retaining the Fire nomenclature for Army use. This tiny aircraft is able to carry serious firepower, including Hellfire missiles as well as a host of laser-guided armaments. Alternate versions have been tested using .338 caliber rifle systems, ideal for precision kills of human targets



Soon to be taking over the seas as production is ramped up in the coming years, the Protector Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) brings vengeful robotic terror to the last remaining realm of the battlefield. Originally built as a direct response to the USS Cole bombing, these waterborne armed drones are able the world’s one and only oceanic combat drone. While operated by remote now, plans are underway to provide autonomous operation capabilities as well, with an ultimate goal of not only securing ports against terrorism attempts but also tireless patrols around carrier groups. The Protector is aptly named, as it’s able to be armed with either a 40 mm grenade launcher, or a choice between .50 caliber or 7.62 mm machine guns. Armed like that, with a top speed of up to 40 knots, this USV is absolutely deadly in any waters.

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