Top 10 Xbox360 Games for 2010

No 4. Super Street Fighter IV

Developer Capcom
Genre 3D Fighting
Release 27 Apr. 2010

The series that has captivated many of us since our childhood continues to ride fame and glory with their latest Xbox title. The hugely improved game boasts great character balancing and a robust competitive online mod. The animations are breathtaking with excellent physics to make the battles more realistic than ever. The innovative video replay system has received mixed reviews from critics.


No 3. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Developer EA Games
Genre Modern FPS
Release 02 Mar. 2010
ESRB Mature

Bravo company is back in this fantastic sequel to the highly acclaimed Battlefield: Bad Company. Bad Company 2, unlike other Battlefield games has a single player campaign. The campaign however,is not the main component of the game, it is the competitive online multi player modes that make Battlefield Bad Company 2 an unbelievably good game. Completely destructible environments make sure that no map plays out the same way and with plenty of weapons, the ability to ride and use vehicles and a plethora of maps make Bad Company 2’s multi player modes a blast to play.The single player campaign also features destructible environment and some amazing voice acting making it worth playing.


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