How to Make Efficient Use of RapidShare?

RapidShare is one of the amazing tools to share large files. It can be used more efficiently by getting around download limits and omitting wait time. RapidShare use the approach of tracing IP addresses to limit download amount per day. To cope with this strategy, you have to show a different IP address to RapidShare. There are many ways to show different IP addresses.

  • Modify the JavaScript. For this go to the download page. Press Free button and type javascript:alert(c=0) in the address bar. Click OK to the resulting boxes. Enter the captcha and download the file.
  • If you don’t have fixed IP address then request another IP address from the ISP server. To do this go to Start > Run. Type cmd and enter following commands

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

  • Clear the cookies and try downloading again.
  • Use bookmarklet link on rapidshare to stop wait times.
  • Download Firefox and Switchproxy. Search for free proxies on Google. On reaching the download limit, clear cookies and change the proxy.

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