Top 10 Word Processing Software

10. RagTime 6.5.2

RagTime 6 has a simple drop-down menu format with menu labels and icons that are very different from the general layout used by most other word processing software. This can be confusing for new software users and old pros, alike. It doesn’t provide a watermark option to keep company images and logos safe from reproduction .To open a new document you must use the RagTime Foyer, which is a menu that lists document types. it lacks many of the basic features that businesses require from a word processorIt seems that RagTime’s strong point is the types of media that you can insert into the document and the freedom you have in arranging the media. Unlike other word processing software, you can easily insert media, such as sound, photos and text, into the document and then drag it to wherever you want it thanks to the software’s media frames.

9. Ability Write V5

Ability Write 5, just like Corel Write, has a clean, well organized design that will be easy for new users to master. It provides attractive user interface. On the right side of the screen, the software displays a Recent Files and Folders menu that displays all of your recently used documents so that you can open them quickly. Though it has all of the same basic features of Corel Write, Ability Write 5 also has many of the same features as Microsoft Word. There are no citation and bibliography features for adding important citation information to the end of a document, for example.There is no dictionary look-up feature that allows you find a word’s synonyms, antonyms and/or definition.

8. Kingsoft Writer 2010

Kingsoft Writer has easily identifiable icons for the toolbar buttons, and a lot of options laid out in the toolbar so that you don’t have to search the dropdown menus for the tool you want. One unique feature is the software’s New Document window on the right side of the screen. It displays recent documents and new document options so that a new file can be opened quickly. There are so few editing tools in Kingsoft it makes us wonder who the software was intended for. One strong point is that users can convert their files into PDFs, HTML, faxes and emails. It can save documents in rich text format and plain text format, but that is the stretch of its usefulness in this area.

7. Corel Write 2010

This layout of corel write 2010 is very easy to use, even for new computer users.The software also has many of the same basic features as Microsoft Word. One new feature is the Recent Files and Folders menu that is located on the right side of the screen. This is a handy feature if you are constantly opening and closing files while you work. This menu keeps a list of recent files with links that can be clicked on to open.Students and others that write research papers will lament the lack of citation and bibliography features that make scouring information infinitely easier. Those that share their documents with others will find the lack of tracking or notation features discouraging most importantly, Corel lacks a dictionary look-up feature that allows you to find the meaning of a word and synonyms and/or antonyms.

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