Top 10 Most Expensive Android Applications

7. Medicine Central

7Here we are with another medical app that has details on over a thousand medical conditions and recommendations for their treatment, all just for $159.95. The app has a database with information on more than 4,500 drugs along with their dosage, side effects etc. Abstracts from medical journal are included too.

6. Emergency Central

6Well, we are starting to think we should have named the list top 10 expensive medical apps. This one, number six, is again a medical app, a collection of information on various diseases, drugs and medical tests. The updates are regularly provided for a year. The app costs $159.95.

5. Nursing Central

5Nurses, this one is for you! The app will help you by providing you with detailed information on different procedures, drugs, diseases and tests. Coupled with a medical dictionary, lab diagnostic results, coverage of different medical conditions and a drug database that continually updates itself, this app is available for $159.95.

4. MBE Preparation

4At number four we have an app that will help future lawyers by providing them with more than 240 questions that are similar to the ones which are presented to students taking Multi-Stat professional Responsibility Exam or MPRE. It comes in three different modes; practice exam mode, simulated exam mode and a QA mode. The app costs $199.99.

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